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Why organics?

Benefits of using organic fertilizers

Use of organic fertilizers is certainly advantageous in comparison to use of mineral fertilizers for a variety of reasons.

Unlike organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers are not completely absorbed by plants - they are easily washed away by precipitations and ground water. In this regard, plants often suffer from sequence of overabundance and lack of nutrients. In addition, the use of chemical fertilizers adversely affects the maintenance of microbiological balance of the soil, repels worms and acidifies the soil. With constant use of mineral fertilizers, plants begin to depend on them a lot and become unable to grow properly without constant feeding.

The advantage of organic fertilizers is that they activate the vital activity of useful microorganisms in the soil, which ensures a healthy microbiological balance. Microorganisms contribute to gradual splitting of mineral substances in the soil into elements suitable for absorption by plants. This makes agricultural land less dependent on constant placement of additional nutrients into the soil.

Due to interaction with microorganisms, organic fertilizers naturally slow down their effect when the soil is cold, and plant growth stops, and act more intensively when the soil warms up, and the period of active development of plants begins. Thus, the intensity of the effect of organic fertilizers harmonized with the phases of plant growth.

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Nowadays, preservation and regeneration of soils is one of the main problems in agricultural production. The constant technogenic impact inhibits the optimal parameters that condition soil fertility. Namely, humus and nutrient reserves are reduced, and physical, biological and phytosanitary properties deteriorate.

In recent years, much attention has been paid to organic fertilizers containing components that are easily absorbed, including fertilizers in granular form allowing to reduce application amounts while increasing their agronomic and economic efficiency.

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