About us

Our company Revival is located in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Our values

Our activities are based on the desire to improve and develop crop production on the scale of our region, country and the world as a whole.

We take great care about preserving the environment.

We put into practice the idea of social responsibility, which involves taking care of people's health and living standards, as agricultural products are the basis of our nutrition!

Our mission:

We strive for improvement of health and well-being of people, contributing to the abundance of organic products through preservation of the environment by means of our intellectual and creative potential!

Our activity

As a result of several years of agricultural research, development and testing on agricultural land, we created a unique organic fertilizer PSV-74® based on poultry (chicken) manure and the pure biological additives.

Our task was to increase the efficiency of application of the organic fertilizer by increasing the economic efficiency of its use for any crops in fields of any area. In the course of solving this problem, we invented a technology of processing of livestock wastes by means of mechanical and low-temperature treatment. This technology not only allows us to maximally eliminate all natural and technogenic radionuclides, toxins and heavy metals, pathogenic bacterial flora and weed seeds, but most importantly, has a production cycle of only one hour!

As a result, we obtained the organic fertilizer PSV-74® - highly efficient, universal and concentrated – it is balanced in a way that its easily absorbed macro elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), micro elements and organic substance begin to give their beneficial effect already in the first year of application. There are no analogies in the world!

Therefore, the solution was found: ensuring low consumption of organic fertilizer per hectare of cultivated soil and achieving increased yields is what the organic fertilizer PSV-74® is about!

We are proud that our fertilizer has received recognition and many positive assessments of agricultural scientists, agricultural producers, and amateur gardeners. Offering agrarians our clean soil-forming organic fertilizer, we are fulfilling the most important task of restoration of fertility and regeneration of agricultural lands in vast areas which were previously exposed to excessive pollution with pesticides and artificial agrochemicals.

We are happy to realize that our activity contributes to development of organic farming and gives people the opportunity to receive absolutely natural and ecological agricultural gifts of the Earth!

Application of our fertilizer leads to improvement of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of crop yields. Concentration and richness of our product makes it very economical in comparison with other organic and even mineral fertilizers. All these features substantially increase the efficiency of the activities of Russian and foreign agricultural sector enterprises cooperating with us.

Another useful and environmentally significant aspect of our activities is that in our production we use livestock waste - the main component of our fertilizer. This contributes to the cleaning of the vast areas allocated for dumps of livestock waste, whose contamination level is a big threat to the environment.

We are striving to become one of the most successful companies in Russia and the world, through such activities as prospective development of a number of agricultural and environmentally oriented products and technologies.

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