Our product

The organic fertilizer PSV-74®

Is a highly efficient, universal and concentrated organic fertilizer with a well-balanced composition. There are no analogies in the world!

The organic fertilizer PSV-74® gives you big advantages in crop production:

Increase in yields of ALL crops (our fertilizer contains the whole range of organic substances, and macro- and microelements needed for proper growth of plants. It boosts resistance of plants to unfavorable weather conditions).

High consumer demand for your crop products (our fertilizer improves the consumer characteristics of agricultural products, such as naturalness, healthfulness and nutrition).

Economic efficiency in agricultural production (our fertilizer is universal and very economical in use).

Increase in the shelf life of your crop products (our fertilizer improves the quality of crops and prolongs their storage).

Formation and regeneration of all types of soils (our fertilizer is soil-forming).

The effectiveness of our fertilizer is achieved due to its qualitative characteristics

CharacteristicQuantitative IndicatorEffect
Nitrogen4~5 %✓  Health and proper development of plants
✓  Accelerated passage of physiologic phases
Phosphorus4~5 %✓  Increase in plant immunity
Kalium4~5 %✓  Improvement of the quality of products
CarbonOver 30 %✓  Soil regeneration and fertility
Organic substanceOver 70 %✓  Activation of vital activity of useful microorganisms
pH6,5~7,5✓  Optimal soil acidity
Moisture12~15 %✓  Large amount of useful dry substance - you do not pay for water!
Pathogenic microbial flora and weed seedsNone✓  Favorable conditions of agricultural land ecosystem
Chemical additivesNone✓  Naturalness of products, their organic origin

What our fertilizer is made from

The main components of our fertilizer are poultry (chicken) manure and sapropel.

Their advantages over other kinds of organic fertilizers are as follows:
Chicken manureSapropel
For ages, chicken manure has been valued as a fertilizer for its useful qualities:Sapropel is centuries-old silt of freshwater bodies (lakes) considered to be one of the best kinds of fertilizers because of its outstanding properties:
having an instant and prolonged fertilization effect;having a long-lasting fertilization effect;
being used for main and additional nutrition of various plants;being applicable for all kinds of plants and soils;
being concentrated, economical and richer in organic and mineral content than other kinds of manure;being extremely rich in macro- and microelements, vitamins and aminoacids;
containing phosphorus compounds which do not contaminate soil and are easy for plants to absorb.improving water absorption and water retention of soil leading to amelioration of its physical and bio-chemical properties.

And the key factor of the high efficiency and useful properties of the organic fertilizer PSV-74® is our innovative production technology.

Its features are the following:
  • Absence of high-temperature treatment (at the same time, we reach the level of 12-15 % of moisture content in our fertilizer);
  • Absence of chemical additives;
  • Preservation of all useful properties of organic substances;
  • Complete elimination of weed seeds and harmful bacterial flora from the raw materials;
  • Removal of natural/technogenic radionuclides and toxins from the organic raw materials with maximum effectiveness (their content in our product is tens and hundreds of times less than it is required by the strict Russian GOST standard regulations);
  • Production of ANY amount of fertilizer within a short time, as our production cycle takes only one hour!
  • Our production process has been patented. It has no analogies in the world!

    9 main reasons for choosing our fertilizer:

    PSV-74® provides you with increased productivity and profitability of agricultural activities
    EffectivenessHigh agricultural results (increase of yields by 30-70 % already in the first year of application) are achieved with significantly small amounts of the fertilizer – the fertilizer is used according to its application scheme.
    Our product contributes early blooming and generation of vegetative organs.
    It speeds up development and physiologic phases of plant growth.
    Economic efficiencyThe use of our product is 2-4 times more economical than the use of any other type of mineral or mixed fertilizers.
    High demand for your productsOur fertilizer contains only natural ingredients and ensures production of purely organic foods preferred by consumers all over the world.

    You use PSV-74® in an easy and fully reliable way
    Universality- PSV-74® can be applied for growing all kinds of plants (grains, fruits, vegetables, berries, ornamental trees and bushes, pasture and lawn herbage).
    - It is used in all kinds of soils in open and protected agriculture.
    - It is used for main and additional soil application and foliar fertilizing.
    - It is used in dry and dissolved state.
    Safety- Overuse of our fertilizer does not damage plants
    - Our product does not contain pathogenic bacterial flora and weed seeds.
    Protection- Our product boosts resistance of plants to unfavourable weather conditions.
    - It promotes resistance to pests, and bacterial and fungus diseases.
    - It neutralizes harmful effects of toxic chemicals used in plant treatment.

    PSV-74® gives you comfort at work
    Customization- Product form, composition and package characteristics can be customized to any needs. Our fertilizer is produced in the form of powder and pellets with various dimensions.
    Convenience- Our product does not decompose it the open air.
    - It fully dissolves in the natural moisture of soil.
    - It can be applied at all physiologic phases of plant growth.
    - It can be applied in the pelletted form simultaneously with seeding and planting.
    Availability- Our product is always in stock because our production cycle takes only one hour. We can produce as much fertilizer as needed for our client on demand and supply it to any region of the world!

    And also:
    The quality of PSV-74® corresponds to the standard GOST R 53117-2008.


    Bulk Supplies
    Package typeDimensions/VolumeWeight
    Big-bag1 m3500-600 kg (for powdered fertilizer)
    Polypropylene bags with inner pouch of high-density polyethylene 55х95 cm25-30 kg (for powdered fertilizer)
    Consumer package
    Package typeDimensionsWeight/Volume
    Bag (low-density polyethylene) with handle30х40 cm3 litres


    We can supply our fertilizer to any location of the world.
    For multimodal transportation with a sea logistics component, delivery terms are CIF/CFR (INCOTERMS-2010) to any port of the world.
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